Willowbank MX has been professionally designed by industry leading professionals. It is set on an exciting 40 hectare parcel of land at Willowbank, Queensland home of motor sports. 

Across the property, we currently have a Pee-wee track, Junior Stadium, Adult Stadium and a MX Track. Our 2km Natural Terrain Sand Track is incredibly popular. We also have a 1km Grass/Rut track which is great for all levels of riding. For beginners, there is also a flat training area. 

The only days we don't groom the tracks are Monday and Tuesday - making Willowbank MX one of the best quality facilities to ride at. Our specialist grooming team are at work five days a week. 

On WILLOWBANK WEDNESDAY, the natural terrain track is groomed to race standards. Some of the best riders in Queensland / Australia can be found putting some awesome ruts into the track.......

WMX Natural Terrain Track

Willowbank MX TRACKS MX 1

Willowbank MX TRACKS Senior Stadium

Willowbank MX TRACKS Grass Track

WMX TRACKS Junior Stadium and Training Area

Willowbank MX Aerial of Park

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We are a recreational ride park with a variety of tracks that cater to riders of all levels of ability.

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