Safety at the park

Motor sports are inherently dangerous. Please note that all of us at WillowbankMX take your safely seriously. Please note the following:

  • All riders ride at WillowbankMX at their own risk. You will not be permitted to ride if you have not signed the waiver. If you are on grounds, there is the assumption that you have agreed to all terms of the waiver.
  • Make sure you have checked the weather forecast and our Facebook page – if the track is not safe, we will close
  • Make sure you and all of your family members are wearing protective gear – Motocross is dangerous and it is the responsibility of every rider to wear appropriate attire. Please note we also expect family members to be wearing appropriate protective clothing for sun protection etc.
  • It is the responsibility of all riders to ensure that their bikes are in good condition. All riders ride at their own risk.
  • You will not be allowed onto the track if any of our staff members suspect that you have consumed ANY alcohol or drugs. It is important for the safety of all riders that everyone adheres to the no drug and alcohol policy.
  • You must obey staff directions at all times, or you will asked to leave the park, and will forfeit your fee for the day
  • You must observe all safety signs
  • Please immediately alert staff if you notice anything that could be hazardous to yourself or any other riders – we want to keep everyone safe!
  • Please take into consideration that riders have different skill levels – please allow more experienced riders precedence.

Plan ahead

  • Make sure you have booked ahead – our booking system only allows for a certain number of riders per day for the enjoyment of everyone.
  • Bookings are essential Monday through Friday. Make sure you have all of your gear – it is your responsibility to ensure all riders are safe.
  • Safety gear includes: Helmet, eyewear, long shirt and pants, gloves and motocross boots. If you do not have the correct gear, you will not be able to ride.

About Us

We are a recreational ride park with a variety of tracks that cater to riders of all levels of ability.


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